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Can grandparents seek visitation rights?

As a grandparent, your grandchildren are some of the most important people in your life. There is very little you would not do for them. Unfortunately, life can get incredibly complicated.

Perhaps your son or daughter is getting a divorce, or maybe your unmarried child is in a custody dispute with your grandchild’s other parent. In North Carolina, you do have the legal right to apply for visitation of your grandchildren, in some circumstances.

Are you aware of the types of child custody?

North Carolina, along with many other states, follows the Uniform Child Custody Act. You may have a general idea of what child custody is, but not know what the different types are. It is important to know the basics when dealing with a child custody issue in North Carolina.

There are different types of custody in North Carolina that often overlap and depend on your situation.

Conversations that teens and parents should have about graduation

If you have a teenaged driver who is graduating next month, you are probably a ball of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you are proud of him or her because of their accomplishments. Graduating (and even graduating with high honors) is a grand accomplishment. On the other hand, you probably are mystified with how quickly time has passed, as it seems like just yesterday they were in diapers.

But your biggest worry likely has to do with where they are going to celebrate their accomplishments; especially given that alcohol is likely going to be involved. Your child is likely to insist that they will not drink, and you may very well believe them. However, the reality is that many teens live in a world that they do not want their parents to know about for one reason or another. Another reality is that car accidents are the leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 20 years old. So while your graduate may be very responsible, it is worth going over the following guidelines.

Are self-driving cars too good to be true?

The inventors of self-driving cars are optimistic that autonomous cars will be in every city worldwide by the end of the decade. Car companies boast that they will revolutionize travel as we know it and that cars in autopilot mode will help prevent car accidents.

But are self-driving cars really all they’re cracked up to be?

Where will smartphones lead us? Into lampposts

You have heard of distracted driving, but did know that distracted walking is becoming a problem?

There are reports from Salzburg, Austria that the city is surrounding municipal lampposts with the equivalent of car airbags to prevent injuries to people walking into them. The culprit? People's smartphones.

Fighting back against DWI charges

Conviction on DWI charges for alcohol intoxication in North Carolina require that the prosecution prove you had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. BAC evidence often comes from breath testing via Breathalyzer or Intoxilyzer devices.

DWI convictions can mean serious short- and long-term ramifications, so simply having a BAC or .08 or more absolutely doesn't mean that you should "roll over without a fight." You should fight vigorously against any criminal charge to minimize the consequences you could face.

Starting a conversation with your kid about drinking

With little kids, there are little problems. Big kids – big problems, the saying goes. Parents of teenagers would have to agree. Driving and experimentation with alcohol can lead to a myriad of issues that put your child and others in danger.

Talking to your kids about alcohol can be one of the hardest conversations to start. But parents have the ability to equip their children with the knowledge to make good decisions. This could prevent accidents and arrests for underage drinking and driving, laying the groundwork for a bright future.