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Fighting for a Brighter
Future for Our Clients

Fighting for a Brighter Future for Our Clients

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How To Make The Best Decisions For Your Future

Filing for divorce is a crucial time. The choices and sacrifices made during this process shape your future. Unfortunately, many people understandably are swept up in the stress and emotion of the situation, which impacts their ability to make the best choice.

This is why it is so important to have an advocate on your side who will always have your interests at heart. Divorce lawyer Ruth Bradshaw, a board-certified specialist in family law, helps our divorce clients achieve their goals through tenacious advocacy and negotiation. She is also a certified parenting coordinator, someone who can be appointed by a court to help parents when they cannot agree on a parenting plan.

You do not have to face your divorce alone. Call 336-276-0561 to schedule a consultation at the law firm of Combs, Bradshaw & Lee, PLLC, today. Se habla español.

Experienced In All Aspects Of Divorce

Divorce touches on nearly every aspect of a person’s life. Your finances, your time with your children, your assets and your property are all on the line. You can trust Combs, Bradshaw & Lee, PLLC, to provide straightforward guidance based on decades of experience in divorce as well as related issues, such as:

In all of these areas, we can help you make the right choices for your family and fight for the future you deserve. We understand that this is a difficult time, and many people just want to move on. But we encourage you to seek the help of an attorney who can aggressively represent your interests.

Start Down The Right Path

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, or your spouse has already filed, call our firm in Winston-Salem at 336-276-0561 or contact us online. In your initial consultation, you’ll have an opportunity to share your story with an attorney and learn your options. To better serve our clients, we proudly offer our services in both Spanish and English. Se habla español.