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Just how important is a father’s presence in a child’s life?

Just how important is a father’s presence in a child’s life?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Child Custody |

Although the law views the importance of mothers and fathers equally, the law isn’t always applied in a fair fashion. That’s why as a father, you need to be proactive in addressing any child custody issues that you may be facing lest you risk your relationship with your child being damaged. And if you’re a mother reading this blog post, then we encourage you to read on to fully consider the important role that your child’s father can play in your kid’s life.

The importance of a father’s involvement

Present and active fathers can have a tremendous impact on their children’s lives. Some studies have shown that children who have an active father in their life are less likely to engage in risky behavior, and they oftentimes develop stronger social skills. These children tend to better learn how to develop healthy relationships, and some research has shown that they’re able to obtain higher IQ scores and higher paying jobs as they grow into adulthood. In other words, a father’s involvement can be a powerfully positive influence on a child.

Securing the time needed to fulfill the role

Of course, children won’t see these benefits unless they have meaningful time with their father. For fathers, this means that they need to protect their father’s rights, which starts with establishing paternity and then seeking an appropriate child custody and visitation order. For mothers, this means having open and honest conversations with the child’s father about what sort of custody and visitation arrangement is appropriate. Communication is key to success here, and showing your child that a mother and a father who have their differences can still get along can help him or her figure out how to build stronger relationships moving forward.

Turning to the legal system for help

Of course, in many instances merely talking out issues is insufficient. That’s why law firms like ours stand ready to assist you with your child custody and visitation challenges. If you need help determining your next steps to protect your child and your relationship with him or her, then now may be the time to reach out for assistance.