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Careers to avoid, if you want a long marriage

Careers to avoid, if you want a long marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Divorce |

They say that if one gets married young, they are more likely to be divorced. Indeed, there is an often cited and disputed debate that the divorce rate is about 50%, given enough time. And, there are many reasons why spouses choose to divorce, but two websites recently looked at U.S. Census Data to see if there are some careers to avoid, if one wants a long marriage.

The websites

The websites that did the analysis were Zippia and Though, it was Zippia that did the original analysis of divorce rates for those under 30, and it was that came in after and dived deeper into those numbers. Both were looking to see if there were careers that seemed to shorten the life of a marriage for young couples.

An unsurprising result at the top

First, both found that military service had an extremely high divorce rate. This is unsurprising given the nature of being married to a spouse that is often deployed to combat zones. After all, not only do spouses have to deal with life alone for extended periods of time (i.e., taking care of kids, domestic duties, etc.), but also have to handle the stress of never knowing if that spouse is going to return. They are going to combat zone.

An unsurprising result at the bottom

Both also found that highly skilled professions, like doctors, lawyers and nurses had lower incidents of divorce. This may be as a result of finances not necessarily being an issue, but it is not at all surprising to think that high-income earners have an easier time staying together.

More unsurprising takeaways

The jobs that appeared on both lists were those that do not necessarily make that much money, but likely have long hours. These jobs include mechanics and technicians, laborers (logging workers, conveyor, dredgers, etc.), medical secretaries, administrative assistants, clerical workers, food preparation and serving workers, etc. So, perhaps, our Winston-Salem, North Carolina, readers should learn that if they are going to take a position that takes them away from their spouse for long periods of time, it should come with a larger than average salary.